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Tomb of the Mask


Explore the tomb with the character Mask

Tomb of the Mask makes many people love it because of its graphics and gameplay. You will try to get Mask to the exit in the secret room to complete a level.

To be able to conquer this game, you need to move the Mask character very carefully. He wanted to explore the mausoleums, which were designed to be vast and maze-like. In the maze, many traps are set up and ready to destroy any intruders. Therefore, you need to move your character skillfully to avoid hitting these obstacles. Speed and dexterity are important to successfully pass the level. You can enhance your skills by playing Geometry Dash Bloodbath.

Escape from the tomb in Tomb of the Mask

The exit door is located at the end of the tomb and you must move the character through the corners first. The maze is not difficult to find the exit but the obstacles and monsters make the game more difficult.

Move quickly

The falling ones move continuously so you have to find space to avoid them. In addition, obstacles will suddenly appear to challenge your reaction. No matter what danger you face, agility and dexterity are essential. Sometimes, the water will rise and submerge everything in the maze. At this point, you need to quickly control the character to escape the maze to avoid being submerged by water.

Collect stars and coins

Some coins appear in the maze but they are not the key to passing a level. However, these coins help you continue your journey at a level if your character is destroyed. In addition, each level has 3 stars and you need to collect them.