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Eggy Car


Complete the hard mission in this game

Eggy Car requires you to drive a car that has an egg. This egg can be destroyed easily while moving on a struggling road, so your driving skills is important.

This driving game requires your cleverness because there is no seat belt for the egg. As soon as the car moves on a slope, the egg can be bumped on the ground. Then, you need to restart this driving game at the start point. Therefore, instead of driving the car as fast as possible like in Geometry World, you need to drive as carefully as possible. Your final target is to drive a car with the egg as far as possible on the challenging road. This game is fun with cartoon graphics which is suitable for any children.

Eggy Car walkthrough

As I mentioned, the egg is very important because it has effects on your victory in this game. That's the reason why you should protect this egg carefully. You have to face many challenges which are added on the road. If your egg is destroyed at any point, you have to restart this game at the start point.

Drive the car carefully

The road is struggling with many slopes. When the car comes close to the slope, you should reduce the speed of the car. Then, let's drive the car slowly to overcome the slopes. The egg on the car can move continuously and you just ensure it can't bump on the ground.

Keep the egg safe

Besides driving slowly, you also can get some support items on the road. Sometimes, the ice blocks appear on the road. When you collect these ice blocks, the egg will be freeze. Then, I can';t move on the car and you can speed up. However, freeze egg only last for some seconds, so you need to look at the timer.