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Geometry Dash SubZero


Welcome to Subzero version

Geometry Dash SubZero is a new version of a fast-paced game series. You need to overcome many obstacles to reach the destination at the end of the road.

Colorful graphics

Geometry Dash Subzero is famous for its gameplay and simple graphics. However, in this fan-made version, you can experience the colorful graphics which bring the best experience to you. The blocks and obstacles on the road are designed with many colors. These colors can even change according to the path of the road. The neon colors even make the road more brightly. However, this colorful road makes it difficult for you to see obstacles. Therefore, it's better to enjoy this game in full-screen mode.

More kinds of obstacles

This Subzero version has more obstacles than the previous version. Besides some familiar obstacles such as spikes and thorn chains, you have to face rotating saws, monsters, and gaps. The rotating saws of different sizes can appear in any position and they are as dangerous as spikes or thorns. Moreover, there are some monsters which are hidden in the water. Your geometry just falls into the water, you will lose this game immediately.

How to reach the destination in Geometry Dash SubZero

This version is different from Geometry Dash Scratch because this game has only one level. Therefore, all challenges are added to this version, so you can improve your skills with easy levels. Now, let's see what you have to do to complete this level.

Protect your geometry

The main character of this game is a geometry which can move forward automatically. However, this character can avoid any objects by itself. Your object is to help this geometry to go to the finish line. Therefore, you have to click the left mouse button to help the character jump up. Sometimes, the geometry flies a UFO. Then, you will click the left mouse button continuously to keep the UFO flying in the air. Otherwise, the UFO will crash into the ground or obstacles.

Face challenges

In the first few minutes, the speed of geometry is quite slow so you can easily control it to overcome obstacles. However, its speed in the later sections of the road is extremely fast, so your fingers and observation speed must also be fast. After passing through certain portals, geometry may even move to the ceiling and ground. These difficulties will cause many players to give up. However, you can practice your skills in this version through practice mode. Don't hesitate to join this game now to improve your reflexes soon.

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