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Geometry Dash Lite


Introduction about Geometry Dash Lite

Geometry Dash Lite is the Lite version of a famous fast-paced game series. In this game, you need to steer a square on the road with many obstacles.

Are you a big fan of fast-paced games? If yes, you can't skip Geometry Dash Lite. This is one of the most famous versions of the Geometry Dash series. The graphics of this game are very attractive with many colors and these background colors can even change in different paths. This game has simple rules which require you to keep the character safe. Many obstacles such as spikes, monsters, or thorns are the challenges you have to face. This Lite version can capture many players' hearts because it has 15 levels. The number of levels in this game is more than any Geometry Dash version. These levels are arranged according to the increasing difficulty levels.

How to pass 15 levels in Geometry Dash Lite

Each level has one face which shows its difficult level. You can find the easy, medium, hard, extremely hard levels, etc. You can experience them one by one and start with the easiest level.

Be aware of any objects on the road

On the road, you can find many objects with different shapes. They can be dangerous or useful for you. Now, I'll list some dangerous objects that you have to face in this game. First, many thorns are close together which creates thorn chains in the gaps. Your character falls into these gaps, then the game will end. Second, you can find many square blocks on the road. Your character is only safe when it jumps on these blocks. If your character collides with any other edges of these blocks, the character will be destroyed. Finally, some dark monsters are hidden on the road and they can break your geometry with a touch. However, these monsters can't move, so you just try to avoid them.

Collect some coins

Each level has three coins which can be in random positions on the road. Collecting these keys isn't a required mission. Many pro players add this mission to make the game more difficult. I recommend that beginners skip this mission and just move to the destination. You can reach the destination without collecting any items. You can practice and enhance your skills with practice mode. When you get used to the operation and the map of the levels, you can challenge yourself with collecting all coins on the road. You can experience another version of the famous fast-paced game series such as Geometry Dash Scratch on our website.