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Geometry Dash Meltdown


Challenge yourself with a challenging world

Geometry Dash Meltdown can bring you much fun with three levels. Reaching the finish line is what you need to do to complete the mission in this game.

Fast control skills

In this game, the control skill is very important and your quick reflex is also necessary in this game. The main character moves forward automatically at high speed and you just help it jump up. Before the character collides with obstacles on the road, you need to click the left mouse button to jump up. Sometimes, the obstacles are too high, so you need to use the springs to jump higher.

Remember the map

The road with tons of obstacles challenges any pro player. In the beginning, you can't conquer this game immediately, so you need to practice. The practice mode helps you get used to the obstacle arrangement and the map in this game. From that, you can make some strategies to overcome these obstacles. Therefore, memorizing skills is also very important to conquer this hard game.

How to conquer Geometry Dash Meltdown

To conquer this fast-paced game, you need to complete three levels of this game. The game offers the easiest levels and the most difficult levels to you. You also experience three hard levels in Geometry Dash Scratch which has the same gameplay as this game.

Slide to exit portal

At the end of each road, you can see an exit door. As soon as your character goes through this door, the level is finished. However, you have to overcome thousands of difficulties before you can reach this exit door. The monsters, spikes, thorns, and saws are ready to destroy your character. That's the reason why you need to avoid these dangers.

Follow the introduction

Some circles appear on the road and they play a guiding role. If you slide on the ground, your character should start jumping at the position that has the circle. If your character flies a UFO, it's better to follow the arrows and white lines with dots. Be careful with some exclamation marks along the way! They warn you of some sudden dangers on the way.