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Battleship Online


The battle of wits and luck begins in this game

Battleship Online is an intellectual game where you must destroy enemy ships to win. Enemies will also be looking for your hidden ships in this game.

You are trying to become king of the seas with ships in this online game. There will be opponents who want to compete with you and that is your opportunity to show off your talent. You will attack the enemy panel where their ships are hidden. However, your bullets may miss because you cannot see enemy ships. They have dived underwater and you need luck to find them. Enemies will also fire towards the panel where your boat is hidden. The winner is the one who destroys all of the opponent's boats first. If you want to play a fast-paced game, Geometry Dash SubZero is your best choice.

Choose one of two modes in Battleship Online

With two modes, players can freely choose the features they want. Classic mode will be much more difficult than advanced mode. So, you can try your hand at advance mode first.

Classic mode

This is a mode for those who like classic gameplay. The reason this mode is more difficult is because it has no support items. Therefore, you have to rely on your luck and judgment to find enemy ships.

Advanced mode

This is an easier mode with 2 support items including aircraft and radar. When using the plane, it can fire 5 missiles at once onto the opponent's panel. Radar will help you immediately find the enemy ship's location. You will spend some money if you want to use these 2 supports. The amount of money to pay for one use of radar will be more than for use of an airplane.