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Om Nom Run


Introduction about this game

Om Nom Run is an online game whose main character is an adorable green monster. Now, it is speeding along the path to complete the given tasks.

The main character named Om Nom has a hobby of eating sweets and likes to explore. He is on an exciting adventure where he can earn a lot of gold coins. However, he also faces many different obstacles. You will help Om Nom jump to avoid obstacles while Om Nom can only move forward automatically. This game reminds me of Geometry Dash Breeze where there is a character that also automatically slides forward. These two games have very fast character speeds but the perspectives of the two characters are completely different. You can experience these games yourself to know the differences between them.

How to play Om Nom Run

In this game, you need to try to complete assigned tasks such as reach distance, coins taken, collect letters, etc. You have to complete a mission to move on to a new mission.

Avoid accidents

Obstacles can be barriers, moving vehicles, holes, etc. No matter what the obstacles are, you still need to stay away from them. The character Om Nom can jump or crouch to overcome these obstacles. If Om Nom hits these obstacles, your mission will fail.

Pick up coins and items

There are many gold coins on the way and you need to pick them up. In addition, you will also see a number of other items such as rockets, glasses or magnets. Each item has its own benefits for you. For example, 3D glasses will help you change the playing angle from a third-person perspective to a first-person perspective. Magnets help you collect gold coins around you as soon as you get close to them.