Geometry Dash Scratch

Geometry Dash Scratch brings you to an interesting adventure with geometry. Avoiding obstacles and collecting coins is what you need to do in this game.

About Scratch

Have you ever heard about Scratch? This is a platform for new or pro coders. This platform provides a simple interface for users to start their process. Many children also start learning how to code with Scratch. In this Scratch, many online games with simple graphics were released. One of the game series remade in Scratch is Geometry Dash Scratch. This is a fast-paced game series where you have to control geometry on an adventure. The background of this game is a geometry world that contains many blocks, squares, and triangle obstacles. Because of the geometric background and square characters, this game series can be remade more easily than the other games. There are 1187 fan-made versions of this game series on the Scratch platform. This Scratch version still keeps the familiar gameplay of this game series, but you may be surprised because of its graphics.

Difference between this version and other Scratch versions

Although this game is Geometry Dash Scratch, this game is different from the other Scratch version. I'm sure that this is the most addictive version on the Scratch platform where you can experience the colorful graphics and many other features.

The graphics

The graphics of this game are really impressive. In the other Scratch versions, you may find that the graphics are simple and they concentrate on the arrangement of obstacles. This doesn't bring much thrill to players, so this game is improved with the graphics. The color of the background even changes according to the path of the adventure. The main character - a square also designed with many shapes and colors. With colorful graphics, this is worth playing in your break time.

Features between this game and other Scratch versions

Scratch versions have almost no features such as character selection or modes. Instead of playing the game directly, you can choose a new character or choose a mode. Characters with different shapes and colors are available without you needing money to unlock them. Each stage will have different obstacles. Previous Scratch versions only had one stage, but you can experience up to 3 different stages in this game. Each stage is available so you don't need to unlock stages one after another. Your skills can be enhanced through stages with increasing difficulty.

Geometry Dash Scratch game rules

This Scratch version is a fast-paced running game where you need to move your character forward quickly. Additionally, you also need to make sure your square character is not destroyed. This game requires nimble fingers and quick eyes to be able to overcome many difficulties along the way.

Move the square forward

To complete a stage, your square must go through the exit portal at the end of the road. In this game, there are thousands of triangles which can be called spikes. They can break your square into pieces, so you must avoid these dangers. Your square will move forward automatically and your mission is to keep the square safe. The speed of this square is increasingly increasing, so your fingers need to be quick.

Change the character form

Your character is not only square in shape, but it can also become an airplane. When the main character is in square form, it will slide and jump over obstacles on the ground. However, when the main character transforms into a plane, it will no longer move on the ground. At this point, it will fly in the air. However, the main character cannot automatically fly like when gliding. You need to click the mouse to help the plane fly. You just need to release the left mouse, the plane will fall.

Face dangers on the road

As mentioned above, the triangle objects of this Scratch game are very dangerous because they can destroy your main character. Besides the triangle blocks on the road, you can see many thorns in the gaps. As soon as your character falls into these gaps, the game will end immediately. Moreover, there are some black monsters which are hidden in the dark. These monsters can't move but you also must avoid colliding them. Don't bump into the edges of the blocks! The safe positions are on the blocks and the ground.

Three stages in Geometry Dash Scratch

This game offers 3 stages with different challenges to you. They are The Seven Seas, Viking Arena, and Airborne Robots. The stages are arranged into the difficult level. Therefore, it's better to choose the easy stage if you are a beginner.

The Seven Seas

This is the easiest stage in this game and it's suitable for all players. This stage is set up in the sea which contains many hidden dangers. You can see many thorns under the water. The monsters and obstacles of this stage aren't too much and their position isn't close together. Moreover, the speed of the square isn't too quick, so you can improve your skill gradually at this stage.

Viking Arena

Welcome to the dark air in Viking Arena where the torches will be your light in this background. You need to collect a green key to open the terrain of this stage. The main theme of this stage is lava. The hot lava is flowing in the gaps of this stage and it can break your character as the spikes or thorns can do. Therefore, you must avoid touching the lava in this stage.

Airborne Robots

You are transported to a future world where there are many robots. This robot world contains springs and hooks that can help the character jump very far. You need to take advantage of them to be able to overcome obstacles on the way. This is the most difficult mode of the 3 modes with the character's fast speed that will surprise you. The obstacles are also more numerous so you have to constantly deal with them.

In short, you can experience all stages for free. You can get familiar with the maps and terrain when you participate in practice mode. With practice mode, you can continue your journey with checkpoints. You only have 1 chance to go from the beginning to the end in normal mode. Complete the stages with 100% in this game. Good luck!