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Run 3


Join the adventure in the galaxy

Run 3 is about the journey of an alien who wants to explore a large universe. The alien runs continuously and you will help him avoid dangers on the road.

Do you love the beautiful universe? This running game is set up in a large dark universe that has an infinite tube. The alien moves in this tube but it has many dangers. The alien just can run forward but he isn't able to avoid the traps. Therefore, he needs your help to keep him safe on his adventure. Are you ready to help the alien jump over the deadly traps in the tube? Now, you can experience this free game on any smart device through the browsers. The main challenges of this game are gaps of different size. As soon as your alien falls into these gaps, the game will end. Therefore, when the alien comes close to the gaps, click the left mouse button to help the alien jump up.

Two modes in Run 3

This game has two modes including adventure and infinite modes. Although each mode has the same gameplay, you can find the differences between them. Now, I will show some features of two modes in this game.

Adventure mode

This is also called level modes. The alien just needs to reach the end of the tube to complete a level. If you fall into a gap at a level, you can restart that level. This mode is loved by many beginners. You can explore the colorful galaxy in this mode.

Infinite mode

This mode provides an endless tube to you. In this mode, you control the alien until he falls into the gap. If you fail in some path of this game, you have to restart the game. Moreover, you also need to be careful with some weak platforms which can disappear with one touch. For more adventure, you can join Geometry Dash Meltdown.