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Only Up


About this game

Only Up is a climbing game where you have to reach the highest point. In this game, you can fail as soon as you make a little mistake. Good luck!

Do you love climbing? In this game, instead of climbing a mountain, you need to climb on the objects. To reach the highest point, it takes a lot of time. Moreover, this game has 3D graphics which brings the most realistic experience to players. This game is famous recently because of its unique gameplay and eye-catching graphics. This game is unblocked everywhere, so children can enjoy this game at their school. You may like some other game on the website such as Geometry Dash Breeze.

How to reach the highest point in Only Up

The special thing about this game is an object mountain that you have to conquer. Thousands of objects are stacked together which creates a high tower. Now, you need to jump on these objects to move higher and higher.

Jump and jump up

The platforms of the tower are very narrow and hard to jump on. If you miss a jump, you may fall to the starting point. Of course, this game requires your agility and control skills to jump up. Before jumping, you should observe the position where you will jump. You can swipe the mouse to look around and see your position. Each movement can affect your success in this game.

Don't fall

In this game, you only have one chance to jump from the ground to the highest point. Therefore, you need to be careful with your jump in this climbing game. You may fall to the ground many times but don't give up. No pain no gain. So, you can practice many times to enhance your climbing skills.