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Geometry Dash Bloodbath


Experience the most difficult with dark theme

Geometry Dash Bloodbath is one of the versions of extreme demon level. With the dark theme, this game is only for the pro players because of its difficulty.

Extreme Demon level

This version is one of the most challenging in the Geometry Dash series. This game series is divided into many difficult levels. While the Geometry Dash Scratch has three stages of easy and medium levels, the Geometry Dash Bloodbath has one extreme demon. You may complete the roads in easy, and medium levels but you can't even move for a short path in extreme demon level. Instead of sliding on the road, you fly the UFO in almost time. Moreover, the obstacles appear on the ground and ceiling which can cause many challenges to you.

Dark theme

This Bloodbath version has a red and black theme which makes the game gloomy. The road to this game has tons of spikes and thorns and there is only a small space for your character to move. The spikes and thorns are close together making the long chains. Many players even give up as soon as they see the map of this game.

Some information about Geometry Dash Bloodbath

This game only has one stage but there are interesting features. Now, we will explore these features to explain why this game is loved.

Two modes

You can experience 2 modes including practice mode and normal mode. The difference between these two modes is checkpoints. In practice mode, checkpoints help you continue your journey at the last checkpoint when your character is destroyed. However, you only have 1 chance to go from the start point to the endpoint in normal mode.

Variety of characters

With beautiful graphics, this game also designs many different characters for you to choose from. You can even change the colors of these characters. Choosing a new character or changing the character color is free and you don't need to unlock them by passing levels. This is one of the highlights of this version.