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Fish Eat Fish


Battles for food under the sea in this game

Fish Eat Fish turns you into a fish on the ocean floor. You need to survive and become big by absorbing as much food as possible. Good luck!

Battles under the sea are as intense as battles on land. Only strong creatures can survive at the bottom of the dark ocean. You need to try to move and eat food to become king of the ocean. This is a multiplayer game so other players around the world will also transform into other fish. Under the ocean there are many of your opponents. They also want to become strong and master the ocean. Therefore, you need to overcome all these opponents to be top 1 on the leaderboard. You also can join another thrilling adventure in Geometry Dash Scratch.

How to win Fish Eat Fish

This endless game allows you to play this game until your fish is defeated. So, you just need to try to score as many points as possible in this survival game. Other colored fish are your opponents so be careful with them.

Consume small creatures

Each fish has a score below it. This number of points is also the strength of each fish. You can chase and catch fish with a score less than yours. In addition, some foods available in the ocean such as shrimp, starfish, etc. also help your fish increase in size. You can track your rankings through a leaderboard in the corner of the screen. Only when you reach top 1 will you become the strongest fish in the ocean.

Some dangers lurk

There is abundant food under the sea, but there are also many dangers lurking. Red or pink jellyfish often chase fish to reduce the fish's score. Additionally, fish with a higher score than yours will become predators. You must try to run away from these dangerous fish.