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Bubble Shooter


Challenge your mind with balls in this game

Bubble Shooter is a simple strategy game but difficult to master. You need to explode as many bubbles on the screen as possible to get a high score.

This game requires you to think carefully and make guesses before you shoot bubbles. This classic game has been around for a long time, but many players still love it. Nowadays, there are many different versions appearing but this classic version is still highly sought after. Now the classic version with simple graphics has appeared on our website.You also can experience some other strategy games such as Merge Fruits on our website.

How to get as many scores as possible in Bubble Shooter

The more bubbles you destroy, the more points you earn. It's best to destroy the entire chain of bubbles to score the most points. Don't let the number of shadows in the picture be too much.

Destroy bubbles

To be able to explode bubbles, similar bubbles only need to be close to each other. Then, you will shoot a bubble of the same color at this group to destroy them. A group must have up to 3 identical bubbles to destroy them. Therefore, you need to shoot accurately at the positions you aim for.

Don't let bubbles touch the bottom

You can see bubbles appearing continuously and they will be pushed to the bottom. At this point, you need to destroy the bubbles from the bottom up to avoid losing. You will have to restart the game if a bubble touches it. This game is endless, so you only end the game when you want or the bubble hits the bottom.