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Geometry World


Introduction about this game

Geometry World brings you a world full of colorful geometry. With 4 levels of difficulty, you can slowly improve your control skills in this game.

You may have tried many different versions of geometry dash online but have you ever tried them all in one version? Geometry World gives you a world where you have the opportunity to experience many different levels. In this full version, every challenge will become more difficult. In addition, with eye-catching graphics, this game always gives people the best experiences. Don't forget to share this full version with your friends. You also can experience Scratch versions like Geometry Dash Scratch.

The game rules of Geometry World

This geometric world has familiar rules and it is similar to the rules of previous versions. Your ultimate goal is to reach the end of the road to pass a level. The thorns placed on the path are the challenges you must face.

Avoid colliding with any obstacles

The obstacles on the way are very dangerous because they will stop the main character's journey. Therefore, avoiding hitting these obstacles is a must to conquer this game. Jump up at the right time when the main character is approaching the obstacle. You have to control the character continuously so you don't have time to rest.

Collect coins

Each level has 3 coins that you need to collect. These coins are often in the hardest to reach locations. You need to try not to be hindered by obstacles when trying to collect coins. This mission will be very difficult because a small mistake can cause this game to end immediately. You can choose not to collect obstacles because they are not necessary to pass a level.