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Geometry Dash Breeze


Welcome to the Breeze version

Geometry Dash Breeze is the latest version of the famous game series. The graphics of this game are bright and the colors will surprise you.

This is a high-speed game where you will control a geometry. Along the way, you will encounter many obstacles that can destroy your geometry with just one touch. Different from Geometry Dash Scratch, this game is even more colorful. Additionally, geometry forms will also change a lot in this game. Your mission is to reach the destination on each path to conquer a stage. Although this game is not as difficult as the versions of Extreme Demon, it will still take you a lot of time to pass a level. You need to help geometry jump, slide, or fly over spikes or lava in this challenging game. If you can reach the finish line easily, you can challenge yourself by collecting 3 gold coins in each stage.

Three Stages in Geometry Dash Breeze

You will experience 3 stages with different contexts in this game. Each context brings different experiences to you. Of course, the tasks in each stage are the same.

Over the Clouds

The stage is rated with 1-star difficulty. The obstacles are fewer and the character's speed is not so fast. You will see colorful rainbows while traveling on the road. The stage is inspired by the 7 colors of the rainbow. In addition, the white clouds make you feel like you are moving in the air.

Into the Zone

Different from the first stage, the colors in the stage are less and the world in this stage is like a future robot world. The blocks or obstacles are designed like robots. This stage will be more difficult than the first stage, so you need to understand the map well to be able to conquer this stage. Don't forget practice mode will help you a lot.

Ghost ship

Stage has theme is darker than the previous versions. With the main colors black and red, this stage creates a feeling of tension and mystery for players. You are on a ghost ship with thousands of deadly traps. This stage is the most difficult of the three stages because the number of obstacles will increase and the speed of the geometry will also be very fast. You have to react extremely quickly and observe every obstacle coming in just a few seconds. Can you win Geometry Dash Breeze?