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Merge Fruits


A fun game with fruit theme

Merge Fruits requires you to combine two identical fruits. Then, a new fruit is created and you also get some scores. Let's count how many fruits there are.

Do you love fruits that can help you quench your thirst in the hot summer? This game's main theme is tropical fruits. Succulent fruits need to be combined together to create a new fruit. This game is one of the interesting games that is loved by many gamers today. With simple cartoon graphics, you will have fun moments with many different fruits. This game is endless until the number of balls touches the red line on the screen. This red line will be at the top of the container you drop the fruit into. The limited area of the container will make this game more interesting than ever. When similar fruits collide with each other, they will create a new fruit. The rules of the game are very simple so children can also play the game to train their brain. This game has peaceful gameplay but you can experience a thrilling gameplay in Geometry Dash Scratch.

Get as many scores as possible in Merge Fruits

To get more points, you need to merge as many fruits as possible. Large fruits merged together will generate more points than small fruits. Depending on the size of different fruits, you will receive different points.

Drop the same fruits close together

Two fruits can create a new type of fruit, as long as their conditions are the same. In addition, they need to touch each other to be able to create new fruits. Therefore, you need to align the position to drop the fruit into the container. You only have 1 chance to drop a fruit. Once the fruit is dropped, you cannot move it anymore. So, you need to try not to make two similar fruits that are far apart.

The cycles of fruits in this game

There will be a total of 9 types of fruit appearing in this game. They will form a fruit cycle. The smallest fruit is grapes while watermelon is the largest. According to the cycle, two watermelons will produce one grape. This exciting cycle will challenge every player to achieve the biggest score. Your friends will also probably love this game so don't forget to introduce this game to your friends.