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Geometry Dash Xanadu


Welcome to the hardest fast-paced game

Geometry Dash Xanadu attracts many players because of its challenges. This version is set up on a traditional holiday which creates a colorful background.

A game with familiar gameplay has appeared on our website. Now, your mission is to bring the main character - square to the destination in this game. The road from the starting point to the destination will contain thousands of dangers and challenges. They require patience, agility and excellent control skills to overcome obstacles. This game has quite an interesting background. It is a traditional festival that is Lunar New Year. With the main colors red and black, this game brings a fun atmosphere to players. This game is considered a fan-made version created on the Scratch platform. You can also experience Geometry Dash Bloodbath on our website.

The challenges you have to face in Geometry Dash Xanadu

This game is considered one of the difficult versions of the fast-paced game series. You have to face many obstacles when participating in this game.

Black blocks

As mentioned, black is also one of the main colors of black. Meanwhile, the blocks are also black so this easily causes incorrect jumps. It is difficult for the player to distinguish between the color of the block and the background. So. You need to try to see clearly and jump accurately. You can play multiple times to understand the terrain and all the obstacles in this game.

Obstacles and support items

The main obstacles in this game are black spikes. They will be very difficult to see so you need to observe carefully and quickly. Additionally, if your character hits the edges of a block, it will also be destroyed. Support items such as hooks or springs will help the character's jump longer and farther.