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Forest Adventure


The journey of the ball in this game

Forest Adventure is set in a dense forest where danger is lurking. An adorable ball is exploring this forest and you will be its companion on this journey.

Adventure games always bring a feeling of suspense to players. You will join the adventure in this game with a ball. Your mission is to help the ball roll to the finish line in each level. The cute graphics of this game can make many children love it. Controlling the ball will be difficult when there are many obstacles on the way. Moving the ball with the keys is also not easy. If you're up for another adventure, you might like Geometry Dash Meltdown.

What you need to do in Forest Adventure

The ball's journey is divided into many different levels. Each time you complete a level, you have gone one step in your journey.

Face dangers

To be able to overcome difficulties, you need to understand them first. In this game, you have to face gaps, spikes and rectangular monsters. The gaps between platforms are called gaps. These gaps will trap your ball so it falls into the gaps. After that, you will have to start your level again. In addition, sharp spikes also hurt your shadow character. The rectangular monsters can move, making dodging them more difficult.

How to control

Instead of using the mouse or arrow keys, you can only move the character forward or backward with the AD keys. Also, to jump over dangers, use the W key. The character will not move if you use other keys.